I have never been a mother material, never had motherly instincts . But today I am a mom, taking care of a baby. I do enjoy it ,absolutely! Is it better than your previous life? Hell NO !Being a mom is 24×7 running around, giving unconditional love ,  no cribbing , no crying , no drama, working like a robot , no sleeping , no alone time. It’s a life ending responsibility. So how am I here today is some other day story. When life throws lemons🍋 at you , make lemonade, doesn’t matter if it is sour or sweet, it’s helping you kill your thirst.Below is how to work around motherhood , please note Karma is a bitch , what goes around comes around.
Pros and cons of motherhood.
1 . PROS – Use your baby as hot/cold bottle to keep you warm or cold. ‘Kaleje vich thankdak pad gayi’
CONS – They will grow up , soon hugs and cuddles are embarrassing for them and by then you are habitual and it’s so hard to give up habits.
giphy (22).gif
2. PROS – Your all time personal unconditional lover – your baby..You always get 24×7 importance.Your baby would want to be with you no matter how many people are ready to be a clown for her.
giphy (3).gif
CONS – They get glued to you permanently and it gets hard even to go to washroom plus it is awkward when your baby refuses to go to others
3. PROS -Your personal red light. one shssssshhhh ll make the room go pin drop silence . Baby is sleeping.
giphy (12).gif
CONS – You just can’t enjoy your life anymore . Your baby can not tolerate people or noise ensuring you are alone with your kid at home.
4. PROS -Excuser! Know you can always be late. Blame it on the baby.
CONS – You miss all the fun by the time you reach your destination/ they tell you time way ahead of the actual time.
5. PROS – Shopping excuse , this time you can buy anything you missed in your childhood.
giphy (46).gif
CONS – Your baby never likes the toy you like , you end up buying two toys.  you are broke now !

giphy (47).gif

6. PROS – He/She is your clock.  For the first time you have a routine in your life. You have sleeping time , waking time , play time and if lucky -alone time.

CONS – No space for flexible life. No falling sick , no movie time. You are a robot now.
7. PROS – Justification for being anti social. You are far away from all the gadgets. No phones , no iPad , no TV , no Xbox. You do not want your baby to forget humans .
CONS – You can’t talk to your friends for long, can’t catch up on where you left and soon they go far away faster than your baby growing up.
8. PROS  – You are the king and queen of the house. You can easily boss around . Specially on your husband. And trust me he would listen 😝. No downside to this.

I am just kidding, this is a fun post. TAKE YOUR BABY SERIOUSLY!

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  1. Neha Jain says:

    Hahaha.. i feel you, Danisha. You wrote all what’s on your mind. Motherhood is overwhelming. I also wrote one similar post sometime back. Do read. I am sure you will enjoy reading it. 🙂


  2. Misha says:

    Lol.. this was a good read after so long


  3. Ruchie says:

    You nailed it … I loved d way u wrote !!


  4. Hahaha…. Loved it! I tell everyone its the most fun you will ever have but its also the most exhausting, infuriating time of your life too. Somehow, they go hand in hand! 😉


    1. Thts so true . Momslife and it’s struggle


  5. Shub says:

    Lol…All moms will relate to this post!!! I will say when the baby happens, every con starts looking like a pro


    1. 😂🤣😂good one


  6. Ha ….. ha ….. ha …… enjoyed the fun read this morning. Motherhood is packed with all pros and cons of life.


  7. Hahha!! So relatable !! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Abba says:

    Love this post was smiling through out!


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