Karva Chauth and Its Tantrums


Karva chauth is an Indian festival where women fast , which they often do for any and everything, but this fasting is exclusively done for their husbands. It is believed, if women fasts without food and water -their husband would live longer. For detailed Karva Chauth story – http://www.Karvachauth.com/Karva-chauth-story.html

I don’t believe that my husband would live longer just because I am starving. But we Indians are not supposed to question our religion and traditions. Basically we blindly follow whatever we are being told to follow. Questioning your culture can be offending to many. If you want logic to the practices than you have surely forgotten your upbringing. So even though one believes in it or not, most would still do it. But I am me. I’m not doing for my my husband, but for my mother as it matters a lot to her and my aunts. It brings smile to their faces and peace to their heart.

No matter how illogical our festivals are, but festive time means fun time and a joy is spread around in the air whenever there is one festival. Everyone is over excited unnecessarily and that the fun part. Everyone like stupid preaches old tradition together , harmonizing the pray and formality .

I don’t believe my starving exhales supernatural power of extending my husband’s life. Though what I do believe is any meditated mind when prays for their loved ones does work. Every pray that I make to my faith , it covers my husband long life and health and prosperity and a lot more. So don’t worry husband you are insured for the rest of your life .

India is a country where people love each other for no reason and love to express it through irrational festivals. Howsoever unreasonable it might sound, but it’s super fun to be a part of it. My mom just involved my 4 months daughter in this festival – “meera ki pehla Karva chauth hai” to which I laughed and said ” she is just a 4 month baby , not married yet “. Every festival is grand because our daughter is experiencing it for the first time. That’s what love is.


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  1. Ruchie says:

    Loved the way u penned it … I still don’t believe that before marriage …how men were living without karwachauth !!


    1. Wow! Good point. Well people ll say. There mothers were prayer for them. Wife is basically a mother to an adult who’s real parents can’t handle him. So the job is ours 🤣😂


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