I’m flooded with words and just want to express my thoughts, anxieties, and interests. So I have finally decided to write about this fashion cyclone, which, tortures me every time I think of creativity. Like one self-obsessed writer/blogger I too believe I have a great aesthetic sense and art of writing. One can definitely call all this bragging.


So before I confuse you anymore about me and fashion; let me explain why I am writing. My vainness can be only filled by art, any form of art. I try to find beauty in anything to everything, as at the same time I would judge you and love you. Its complicated but its ME!


I have seen n read multiple quotes on defining fashion. Truth is I don’t believe it can be expressed in words. It’s a pride, love, passion that can be either bought or worn. It’s a love that can be owned easily for eternity. I have outgrown almost everything I have but still cannot and will not let go any of my things. Fashion makes you feel complete on the worse days of your life. A mascara or lipstick can make your eye glitter and lip whisper. It’s a magic known to all. There is no trick, if you like it , love it – it will make you Happy. There are no expectations from this relation. Every time it will make you love yourself more and more. I think it is most beautiful thing in this world. People become fashion critics and review you on what you wear, when you wear , how you wear , most importantly how much you spend. I say empty your pockets and splurge on fashion, at least it makes you smile even when you have lost a job. That is why it is called a therapy and not grave you to bankruptcy? I simply love the way it loves you back.


I listen people talking about one’s style and terming it as classic, retro , chic , contemporary , vintage , boho and what not. These terms definitely mean a lot in fashion but I would rather like to refer someone’s style as bold, safe , experimental , dramatic etc. One can look more ravishing in a flea market dress than Burberry. When you wear a 10$ dress or a 1000$ dress ,what really matters is how you are able to carry it , how much do you care to make it look even better. How much thoughts have you poured in your look, does it compliment your mood. I don’t have a style or I do. To be honest I really don’t know. I might look much more eye-catching in a night suit than in a little black dress. It ‘s the mood that compliments my style and not clothes. I am comfortable in anything to everything depending if I am in a mood for it. I can inhale, exhale, and hallucinate fashion. I want to learn as much as possible about art, forms of art. This blog will help me express my understanding about everything, new or old fashion that I experience.


I will write about how I feel after I conceive any form of art.


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